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Potter Pal

Mac OS App & Windows Software For Studio Potters
Take control of your raw materials with comprehensive analysis and inventory management tools. Keep track of your supplies, monitor quantities, and easily reorder when needed. Unleash your creativity with unlimited recipe storage, complete with the ability to attach images for visual reference. Reformulate and fine-tune your glaze recipes effortlessly using the unity molecular formula, allowing you to achieve precise and consistent results.
But that's not all. Manage your creations, firings, curves, sales, exhibitions, and galleries seamlessly within a single app. Keep track of your progress, track sales and revenue, schedule exhibitions, and showcase your work to the world with ease.
Experience the power of version 7.1 of our software, with a user-friendly interface and a wealth of features, this update is designed to elevate your pottery journey to new levels of efficiency and success.



Discover the functionalities of Potter Pal with the help of comprehensive, step-by-step tutorials. These tutorials will guide you through the process of using Potter Pal, ensuring you gain a clear understanding of its features and how to make the most of this tool. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your pottery skills, these tutorials will provide you with valuable insights and knowledge to optimize your pottery experience with Potter Pal.

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