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Salman Ikram

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  • I am Salman Ikram and I have a passion for clay which has now become a second nature for me. My work has been shown in many National and International galleries.

 Orange Volcanic Glaze

Salman Ikram

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From the ancient times arts have played a very important role in people lives and since the technology have come to existence different tools have been used to help the potters to create their very own glazes and bodies.
As an experienced ceramist, I tried many software available in the market but I really believe they didn’t meet what the real need of potters. From deep down my heart I started to develop such a software where the purposes was to cover every aspect of the potters need. After many years of work, I managed to create a software that does cover every aspect of pottery. After many suggestions and addition we are very pleased to finally launch this Potter Pal edition.
I can assure you once you get use to this you will realize how simple but very powerful tool this application is. In other words everything you can imagine as potters included in this utopia rated software. It has been liked by hundreds of famous potters and is currently being used by many pottery clubs and students.