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  • Throughout history, art has held a significant role in people's lives, and with the advent of technology, various tools have emerged to assist potters in creating their own glazes and bodies. As an experienced ceramist, I have explored numerous software, but none truly fulfilled the needs of potters. Fueled by a deep passion, I embarked on a journey to develop software that encompasses every aspect of a potter's requirements.
    After years of dedicated work, I successfully created Potter Pal, a comprehensive software solution tailored specifically for pottery. Taking into account valuable suggestions and incorporating additional features, we are thrilled to announce the launch of this exceptional edition. Once you become familiar with Potter Pal, you will discover its simplicity and immense power—a tool that encompasses every aspect of pottery imaginable.
    This utopia-rated software has become a beloved resource within the pottery community, providing a centralized and efficient solution for all pottery-related tasks.

 Orange Volcanic Glaze

Salman Ikram

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I am Salman Ikram, an artist whose profound love for clay has transformed into an innate part of who I am. My creations have been exhibited in numerous galleries both nationally and internationally.